After days of planning, the team would load boats and jumpers into airplanes. Then, following a rather long flight, they would throw everything off the ramp and into the water, OVER THE HORIZON from the objective. Tactically, everything would fall into place because of good planning and pre-mission risk mitigation. The job "˜at the “X" so to speak – was easy. The hardest – and most important – part was the planning.

Over the years, this cross-functional and interdisciplinary approach to identifying and quantifying opportunities, threats, obstacles, and risks became second nature. Creative ways of finding solutions to problems became standard. After years of planning and executing these kinds of operations, good planning and risk mitigation become a mindset organic to everyday business.

Let O.T.H apply these lessons for your company. Let us develop a plan to get your product over the horizon, so you can go do what you do best.

Our Mission

Over the Horizon provides timely, relevant, and valuable overseas market entry intelligence for small- to medium-sized enterprises in the Denver metro area. We operate with discretion, integrity, and purpose. We establish positive relationships with our clients and endeavor to answer their most critical information requirements. We value quality over quantity. We adapt in order to always understand changing markets and operating environments.