At O.T.H. we deal in details. We don"t tell you about space, spheres, landscapes, or terrains. We talk about specific costs, benefits, and risks. You know your business, your product, and your competitors. We determine the course you should chart to bring your business to international markets. Once you choose your destination, we connect you with partners and potential business-matchmaking services.

Our Products

Initial Entry Analysis

Our IEA Report provides product-specific broad-based, interdisciplinary, regional analysis and intelligence of your potential overseas market opportunities. This 16-point report addresses regional and sub-regional assessments of the human and physical dimension of potential areas of interest. We review the regional economic and market dimensions. We highlight logistics considerations, and security, political and informational risks. The regions we analyze are grouped as follows: South and Central America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, the Pacific.

Advanced Entry Analysis

After you have decided to expand to a particular region, our AEA Report helps you with detailed planning. This product consists of a more focused report, with country-specific analysis of the potential costs and benefits of establishing a customer base in that market. This 28-point report provides important in-depth analysis of the target country"s human and physical dimension, economic and market dimensions, logistics considerations, and security, political and informational risks.

Entry Facilitation

Often the individual tasks of identifying partners, establishing support networks, and determining site-specific requirements to properly introduce your product need the "˜personal touch" of on-the-ground facilitation. O.T.H. will help you build the local infrastructure necessary to market and sell your product. This includes facilitation in finding foreign buyers, recommending potential trade shows to attend, and overseas "˜matchmaking" options. We will help you identify documentation requirements (licenses, foreign standards, certification, and regulations) and costs (taxes, duties, shipping costs, and insurance requirements), and give you a way-ahead to overcome these hurdles. We give you a plan and are prepared to help you execute it.